Frequently asked questions for our weekend courses

Is this just for vegetarians?

No, although we only provide vegetarian meals you are welcome to bring your own meat snacks to eat. 

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, we don't allow any pets on the course.

What happens if it rains?

We have sheltered areas to keep you warm and dry but don't forget your waterproofs just in case!

Can I sleep under the stars?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone who would like to take their bed outside. Providing it is a clear night and not due to rain of course.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes, please contact us.

Is there a Shower?

Yes, we have a hot outdoor shower (With a screen)

Do I need to bring my survival knife?

No! All knives and materials required for the sessions will be provided.

If I come alone will I have to share a tent?

No. Our tents are big enough for two to share but we have enough tents for everyone to have one each! You can even bring your own and we can help you set it up.

Will I be able to charge my phone?

Yes but please bring your charger with you.

Do I need to bring my own water for the weekend?

No, we have mains water on site.

Will I be far from my car?

No, you car will be parked on site.

Is there a loo?

Yes. We have a clean and comfortable compost loo on site.

Can I get there by Public Transport?

Yes. Our nearest train station is Newton Abbot and we may be able to arrange lifts.

We are very close to Finlake Holiday Park or Chudleigh bus stops. More info will be sent with directions.

Can I smoke?

Yes but please be mindful of others and smoke away from sessions.

Can I bring alcohol?


Weekend Menu

(Subject to change depending on availability)

All food is vegetarian, locally sourced and, where possible grown on site. Meals are simple, delicious, nutritious and full of energy in keeping with our overall philosophy of health and the environment around us. 

Friday evening 

Seasonal Vegetable Soup and bread.

A mixture of delicious locally sourced vegetables and vegetables grow right on the site with delicious sourdough bread. Healthy, hearty and easy to digest before a good night sleep!


Early morning ginger infusion, to ignite the digestive ‘fire’ and warm and cleanse the body


Bircher muesli (soaked oats, nuts, seeds) and fruit

Prepared the previous evening, a simple and filling breakfast to fuel us up at the start of the day!


Seasonal Vegetable and Bean stew 


Beans for protein and vegetables for nutrients and fabulous flavour, plus herbs and spices, a hearty lunch meal!


Seasonal Vegetable Soup and bread 

Delicious and warming to settle sundown for the evening. 

To end the day

Hot turmeric milk

Delicious golden milk (non dairy option is available) infused with Tumeric (anti inflammatory, antiviral, anti carcinogenic miracle herb!) and sweetened with local Devon honey!



Early morning ginger infusion, to ignite the digestive ‘fire’ and warm and cleanse the body


Eggs, bread and vegetable hash

Amazing eggs from our very own chickens and lovely tasty vegetables mashed and fried up into a filling warming hash

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