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Recharge in the Wild

Weekend courses and corporate events that deliver timeless experiences and lasting memories. Wilderness skills, team building and healthy eating complimented with our passion for the great outdoors. For more details Click Here

Turn off

The sounds, textures and smells of the natural world connect us with our deepest roots as a human being and the more time you spend in this environment the more you should feel in tune. Switch on and awaken your natural instincts.

Wilderfox Weekends

Investing in yourself gives the best return. Wilderfox weekends provide an opportunity to take a step back from your everyday life and return with a clearer mind to give you a fresher, more positive approach. Our team of professional instructors are dedicated to sharing weekends of wisdom packed with fun and lost knowledge you will never forget. 

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"Wilderfox offered me the perfect balance between relaxation and nature. After the best weekend with Robin and his team, consisting of fire lighting skills, foraging, cooking as a group, laughter, banter and great conversation with like minded people I  am very pleased to say I have returned to London far more relaxed and happy than when I left. I highly recommend Wilderfox to anyone,  especially those living in a city! Don't hesitate book your course now :) Thanks again Wilderfox and all the lovely new friends who attended last weekend!"  

Damo Cornil

"AMAZING. Just back from a weekend where the day to day world fell  away and it's place was taken by a shared journey through the wanders of  bees, relaxation, fire, foraging and even a little magic thrown in for good measure." Chris Bryon-Edmond

"My dream come true. Mindfulness, nature and focusing on being present.  Wilderfox is all about getting far away from the life’s stresses!" Nicia Rodwell

"A truly beautiful spot with majestic trees worthy of earnest conversation and well equipped infrastructure. Thank you Wilderfox!" Holly MacInnes-Hurd

"Special place with amazing people, what a chance to experience living differently, changes everything really!" Chrissie Johnson