The Wilderfox team present 9 New Weekends for 2018

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Need a recharge?

Come and boost your batteries in the Devonshire countryside! Enjoy a session of zen relaxation, feast on fine food and learn essential survival skills. Other sessions include archery, tree and plant identification, stone age fire lighting and a closer look at the humble carrot. Camp under canvas, learn how to find water in the wild and navigate with the stars. 

Tune in

The sounds, textures and smells of the great outdoors connect us with our deepest roots as a human being and the more time you spend in this environment the more you feel in tune. Fun sessions delivered by an experienced team will inspire and awaken your natural instincts. 

Come and join us around the fire, the kettle is always on!

It's all about you

People say that investing in yourself gives the best return. Wilderfox helps you to take a step back from your everyday life and return with a clearer mind giving you a fresher more positive approach. Our team of professional instructors are dedicated to sharing a weekend of wisdom you will never forget. 

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