Wild Women

Wilderfox Wild Women Weekend Schedule


• 5.30pm - Welcome tea - A chance to unwind and talk about your

intention for the weekend.

• 6.00pm - Yoga and relaxation. Settle and arrive

• 6.45pm - Exploring natural cordage and make an intention band

• 7.45pm - Eat around the fireside, relax and enjoy


• 8.00am - Yoga and Meditation

• 8.45am - Bread making and breakfast

• 10.00am - Safe cutting techniques

• 11.00am - Water and where to find it

• 12.00pm - Lunch. Preparation, discussion, cooking and eating!

• 2.00pm - Natural Navigation. How to find your way using nature to guide you

• 3.00pm - Afternoon tea with guest speaker Emily Pulletz and her “The World is On Your Side” Wellness Workshop 

• 4.30pm - Yoga, massage and deep relaxation

• 6.30pm - Firelighting! Old and new methods to prepare a fire together for our evening ceremony.

• 8.00pm - Supper followed by evening fireside manifestation/intention ceremony and meditation.


• 8.00am - Yoga and meditation

• 8.45am - Breakfast

• 9.30am - Bee wise. A closer look at bees and honey

• 10.00am - Archery. Learn all about this ancient art and experience just how focused and grounded you can be.

• 11.00am - A Walk of Wonder. Identifying and discussing the uses of a multitude of

trees and plants.

• 12.00pm - The farewell ceremony with intentions.