Who we are and what we offer

Background and Ethos

What a busy world we live in!

Do you ever find yourself craving for the natural world and just stopping for a while? That clear head, calm mind feeling without being aware of time, work commitments and financial responsibilities? 

Through Wilderfox we share centuries of lost knowledge and skills that helps us to instinctively connect. 'Turn off' from the office, the laptop, the phone and 'Switch on' to yourself and the natural world. 

We offer a wide choice of experiences including Exclusive Groups, Corporate packages, Wilderness Courses, Away Days, Experiences Days, Have-a-go Sessions and Stag and Hen Group Activities incorporating a Fun, Educational and Environmental ethos.  

Take a step back from everyday life and return with a clearer mind to give yourself a fresher, more positive approach. Within just a couple of hours surrounded by nature your senses become more aware and you instinct sharpens. Imagine creating fire from friction or hitting the target with a simple bow. How about an overnight camp-out or even a whole weekend? Experience the magic of camping under canvas in our traditional A-frame tents.

We offer an extensive list of activities and our experienced instructors will ensure you get the very best out of your Wilderfox experience. 

Choose from one of our current packages or let us design you a course around you group's specific requirements and desired outcomes. Let us help you to make your vision a reality and switch on your groups potential and productivity while connecting within a natural environment. 

Come and be part of this exciting journey, be the change and become a Wilderfox!

Robin Fox


Wilderfox founder Robin Fox hanging out in one of our Cacoon tents

Wilderfox founder Robin Fox hanging out in one of our Cacoon tents